At the Swedish Film Awards

One of my documentaries, The Last Generation?, was invited to the Swedish film awards in January, and of course we would go. Our daughter would have killed me otherwise! The biggest concern was what to wear. My wife has a good collection of kimonos to choose from, but I needed to buy myself a suit. And our daughter of course couldn’t wear anything old.

We booked a big room in a fancy hotel right by the building called Circus, where the ceremony and party were held. We walked on the red carpet with all kinds of famous people everywhere, something that was completely lost on me because I don’t recognize anybody, but our daughter was very excited and said it was the best weekend she ever had! She pointed out all the famous artists and youtubers for me and got pictures taken together with her idols.

It was a peculiar feeling walking slowly on the red carpet facing a row of photographers and TV-cameras. I’m not used to that kind of attention but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Surprisingly enough, I was actually quite comfortable with it. The sweet buns in the picture are a seasonal treat I baked at home, this year with the film awards logo.

I knew that my film wasn’t nominated, so the awards ceremony wasn’t very exciting to me, and the party afterwards was pretty boring too. So much people that it was difficult to walk, and no familiar faces. Except the organizer of Ammarnäs dokumentärfilmfestival where my film was screened 2014. He remembered me.
Next time, when my film gets nominated, it’s going to be a lot more fun 🙂

The Wheels are slowly Turning My Way

The Last Generation? won second diploma at Murmansk film festival in November, and in January I presented it at Stockholm Film Institute’s spring presentation. Shared the stage with Swedish celebrity actors and directors, I did. In March 6th it will be available for movie theaters and I have already got one booking! The local radio station interviewed me and Henrik (the main character) about the film. Henrik was interviewed over a phone while I was sitting in the studio.

Last autumn I started my own local TV-channel. Sort of. I created a FB-page called Gunnarsbyn TV, and every now and then I post a video clip. It has over 200 likes, which I translate into regular viewers, and I get between a couple hundred and couple thousand views every time I post something. It’s fun to make these short videos and get feed back the same day I shoot them. Very different compared to my usual work with my longer documentaries that sometimes take years to complete. And if I in the future succeed to get a big number of regular viewers, it will be a good place to display my documentaries too. This TV-station caught the interest of local media and I was interviewed by both the big local news paper, and the (national) local radio station!

The other day, when I was shooting episode 10 for Gunnarsbyn TV, it was around -25 c, and I handled the camera without gloves. I got frost bites on my fingers and I’m afraid some of my finger nails are going to fall off. If nothing worse.

A documentary film maker, making a film for the Swedish national television, liked what she’s seen of my work, and wanted to buy some of it. Maybe even have some sort of cooperation in the future.

I’m going to show two of my documentaries at the county exhibition center later in the spring, and I’ll be there to answer questions after the shows.

All in all, it’s not a bad start this year, and to all things above I can also add some paid company work.

#1 at Youtube again

We are supposed to get personalized search results so it may be a little different for all of us, but I have checked it with different computers and connections so this could be fairly accurate.

My first #1 at Youtube was for the search term “Japan”. After two years, it has now dropped a couple of places but it’s still on the first page.

My second #1 is for the search term “flugfiske” (flyfishing in Swedish). A co-production with Fredrik Broman and Tomas Jönsson.

So, do I benefit anything from being #1 for these search terms? It pays for my organic orange juice every morning.

Back to Russia?

I have been down to Göteborg and Borås to do some research for a coming documentary of a more personal kind. It’s still in the early stages of planning and a lot of things can change, so I have to say maybe. Maybe it’s going to be about me and my dad’s family. How their lives looked in Soviet Union back in the 40’s and 50’s before they managed to move back to Finland. My dad and her sister were born i Pechora but they soon moved to Syktyvkar where they stayed until 1957.

It’s going to be a lot of detective work involved in this project, to try to find people and places after almost 60 years.

Youtube and copyright claims

Every time you upload something to Youtube that includes any kind of music, you get a copyright claim. Doesn’t matter if it’s royalty free music you paid for or something you made yourself. The claim is always linked to the music of the copyright holder and it’s always something completely different from what you have uploaded, of course. It’s some kind of annoying, automatic thing Youtube is doing every time.

If you’re a Youtube partner and plan to make money from advertising, then it might be a good idea to wait for a month before sharing your video. That’s about how long it’ll take for Google to accept your complaint and let you start monetizing your clip.

This is how absurd it can get. “…cat had copied part of a song called Focus belonging to EMI“.

Zoo Palast 1979

I bought a used book at the local Pentecostal Church flea market about a year ago and found this old movie ticket from Berlin inside it. I used it as a book mark. Exactly as the previous owner of the book, I suppose. Then I started to think about it. What movie had he or she seen? Was it something important because it was saved and used as a book mark? Maybe somebody young traveling around Europe looking for adventures and the meaning of life. Did the person experience something life changing in Zoo Palast March 30, 1979?

The book that the movie ticket came with, was popular with the young generation of that time. It’s a ll about drinking, sex and trying to find your place in life. Jack by Ulf Lundell.

I’m very curious about what movie it was. Apocalypse now? Alien? Stalker?
I mailed the new owners of Zoo Palast but they didn’t have any information about the movies shown before they bought the place.


Spanner in the works

The WordPress theme that I chose first, that was supposed to work with mobile phones too, didn’t work with my daughters iPhone when I checked. It didn’t show any links to the pages. So, brand new look today!

Today I got my first comments! All SPAM. They are so fast, spammers. Guess that problem won’t go away.
“It is appropriate time to make some plans for the long run and it is time how to increase volume of semen be happy.”

A New Beginning

My horrible old site is in the process of turning into something more beautiful and useful. I hope. I’m working on it. Trying to figure out how to add pages and widgets and content. If you can’t find anything interesting today, come back tomorrow and it will look at least different.

I’ll test to post a video link here to one of my documentaries. Enjoy if it works!