The Last Generation?

Finally with good English subtitles!
I did the initial translation and after that the subtitles have been checked three times! Has to be great now!

I submitted the film to various, free documentary sites on Internet and now it’s going to be a couple of nervous days to see if it gets picked up by any of the sites, and if they are going to bring in any traffic.

I get some spam comments every day, and the statistics show a number visits from China almost every day. Not saying that there is any connection, of course.

Youtube and copyright claims

Every time you upload something to Youtube that includes any kind of music, you get a copyright claim. Doesn’t matter if it’s royalty free music you paid for or something you made yourself. The claim is always linked to the music of the copyright holder and it’s always something completely different from what you have uploaded, of course. It’s some kind of annoying, automatic thing Youtube is doing every time.

If you’re a Youtube partner and plan to make money from advertising, then it might be a good idea to wait for a month before sharing your video. That’s about how long it’ll take for Google to accept your complaint and let you start monetizing your clip.

This is how absurd it can get. “…cat had copied part of a song called Focus belonging to EMI“.

Jokkmokk Winter Fair 2015

This is an annual market in Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland, dating back more than 400 years.
It lasts for about a week and you can enjoy it in many ways. There’s lots of Sami handicraft, food, clothes and candy to buy. Performances, exhibitions and lectures to attend. And if nothing else, you probably bump into somebody you know. Maybe a friend that you only meet once a year here in Jokkmokk every February.

Usually it’s cold during the market week but this year the temperature was barely below zero. At least the second last day when we visited. Instead it was very windy and the snow was piling up on the roads when we drove back home.

My film The Last Generation? was shown at the fair, and before the screening we had a couple of hours to walk around.

Zoo Palast 1979

I bought a used book at the local Pentecostal Church flea market about a year ago and found this old movie ticket from Berlin inside it. I used it as a book mark. Exactly as the previous owner of the book, I suppose. Then I started to think about it. What movie had he or she seen? Was it something important because it was saved and used as a book mark? Maybe somebody young traveling around Europe looking for adventures and the meaning of life. Did the person experience something life changing in Zoo Palast March 30, 1979?

The book that the movie ticket came with, was popular with the young generation of that time. It’s a ll about drinking, sex and trying to find your place in life. Jack by Ulf Lundell.

I’m very curious about what movie it was. Apocalypse now? Alien? Stalker?
I mailed the new owners of Zoo Palast but they didn’t have any information about the movies shown before they bought the place.