At the Swedish Film Awards

One of my documentaries, The Last Generation?, was invited to the Swedish film awards in January, and of course we would go. Our daughter would have killed me otherwise! The biggest concern was what to wear. My wife has a good collection of kimonos to choose from, but I needed to buy myself a suit. And our daughter of course couldn’t wear anything old.

We booked a big room in a fancy hotel right by the building called Circus, where the ceremony and party were held. We walked on the red carpet with all kinds of famous people everywhere, something that was completely lost on me because I don’t recognize anybody, but our daughter was very excited and said it was the best weekend she ever had! She pointed out all the famous artists and youtubers for me and got pictures taken together with her idols.

It was a peculiar feeling walking slowly on the red carpet facing a row of photographers and TV-cameras. I’m not used to that kind of attention but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Surprisingly enough, I was actually quite comfortable with it. The sweet buns in the picture are a seasonal treat I baked at home, this year with the film awards logo.

I knew that my film wasn’t nominated, so the awards ceremony wasn’t very exciting to me, and the party afterwards was pretty boring too. So much people that it was difficult to walk, and no familiar faces. Except the organizer of Ammarnäs dokumentärfilmfestival where my film was screened 2014. He remembered me.
Next time, when my film gets nominated, it’s going to be a lot more fun 🙂

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