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Welcome to storlopare.com!

I’m an independet filmmaker from Gunnarsbyn in Boden, Swedish Lapland, and I’m working mostly with documentaries. I’m completely self taught and never took any courses or red any books when I started. I bought a small, one chip, cheap video camera and started filming, and learned by trial and error.

One of my early works. From 2001.

You can find all my feature documentaries if you go to the pull down menu at the top.

If you go to my Youtube channel you can find more videos.

I work with my films when I can. When I have the time and money. The last years I’ve been able to make one or two feature length documentaries a year, and I hope to be able to keep that pace also in the future.

I take care of the whole production myself. Filming, editing, sound…everything. And it’s all self-funded. I have so far never received any grants from anywhere, so every ordered DVD and all donations are a big help and makes a difference.

To all of you who choose to support me economically; thanks for helping a local, independet filmmaker to survive.

Petri Storlöpare, Gunnarsbyn, 2014

Petri Storlöpare

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