The Last Generation?


Sweden like to think of itself as the conscience of the world, but how is it treating its own indiginous population?

There’s not many feature length, modern documentaries about the Sami and this is definitely  one of the very few about forest Sami. 
Filmed in Råne river valley between Luleå and Gällivare.

Henrik Andersson from Gällivare forest Sami community in Swedish Lapland share his thoughts and experiences during one year while he is trying to live like in the old times.

• How is life as a reindeer-herding forest-Sami in Sweden today?
• What are the daily problems and future threats?
• How far is it possible to live like in the old times?

Filmed 2012 – 2013
Released 2014.04

Length: 91 min
Language: Swedish with English subtitles.

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The film has been screened at

Native Vision Festival (Göteborg), 2014
Uppsala University, 2014
Ammarnäs Documentary Film Festival, 2014
Sapmi Awards (Jokkmokk), 2014
People’s House (Överkalix), 2014
People’s House (Gunnarsbyn), 2014
Jokkmokk Winter Market, 2015
Murmansk Film festival, 2015, winner of Second Diploma
People’s House (Tyresö), 2016
CNEMA Norrköping, 2016
People’s House (Delsbo), 2016
Bio Cosmopolite Brandbergen, Stockholm 2016
Havremagasinet, county art museum, Boden, 2016
Invited to the Swedish film awards, 2017
Göteborg film festival (Swedish feature movies, retrospective), 2017

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