Zoo Palast 1979

I bought a used book at the local Pentecostal Church flea market about a year ago and found this old movie ticket from Berlin inside it. I used it as a book mark. Exactly as the previous owner of the book, I suppose. Then I started to think about it. What movie had he or she seen? Was it something important because it was saved and used as a book mark? Maybe somebody young traveling around Europe looking for adventures and the meaning of life. Did the person experience something life changing in Zoo Palast March 30, 1979?

The book that the movie ticket came with, was popular with the young generation of that time. It’s a ll about drinking, sex and trying to find your place in life. Jack by Ulf Lundell.

I’m very curious about what movie it was. Apocalypse now? Alien? Stalker?
I mailed the new owners of Zoo Palast but they didn’t have any information about the movies shown before they bought the place.